TruckTap is a cloud-based dump truck hiring service used by some of the world’s largest heavy construction companies to effortlessly dispatch and manage third-party truck vendors.



Dispatch hundreds of trucks to various job sites in a matter of minutes. Place an order from the portal, and let the system do all the busy work.


Improved data gathering and transparency allow for improved compliance with DOT and DOL requirements.


Intelligent, location-based dispatch reduces impact on both the environment and government budgets by reducing fuel consumption and infrastructure costs.


Instantly reduce office overhead and eliminate truck shortages. Our contractors save up to 25% on trucking costs and related expenses.

Automate Dispatch & Management. Increase Your Bottom Line.

Construction Logistics Has Never Been This Easy.

In the age of autonomous vehicles, drones, and virtual reality, why are millions of construction companies around the world making back-and-forth phone calls to truckers all day to keep their job sites running smoothly – and still coming up short?

Insurance, procurement, scheduling, dispatch, monitoring, paperwork, payments, compliance, and more – dump truck dispatch is an unbelievable burden when managed manually. It often takes multiple office staff 8 hours a day to handle this workload.

TruckTap fully automates the hiring and management of dump trucks and drivers, using technology to replace what is now an arduous and stressful manual process. Not only does TruckTap address the grueling administrative nightmare associated with construction trucking, it also eliminates truck shortages that cause costly job site delays.

TruckTap provides access to thousands of local truckers in less time than it takes to make a single phone call. With live GPS tracking, real-time status updates, automatically refilled cancellations, electronic paperwork submission, and countless more revolutionary features, TruckTap breathes new life into the industry with technology that was previously unimaginable.

Heavy Contruction Powered By Technology

TruckTap is a cloud-based service with no hardware or software installation required. Contractors sign up for free online to instantly start booking trucks. Truckers download the smartphone application to accept jobs. It’s that easy.

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